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Works on the most basic new phones (and many older phones). If your phone is data capable there is a good chance it will work with this version.
Advanced Java supports higher level Java phones, including QWERTY keyboard and Touch Screen phones.
It’s messaging on steroids! Most of the higher level ZiNG functionality is supported by your BlackBerry Device.
Experience ZiNG on your iPhone! iOS supports all of the highest levels of ZiNG functionality.
This version will work on Android devices from any Manufacturer. Experience all of ZiNG on Android!
Messaging Capabilities
Presence indication (online or offline)
Free offline SMS Nudge
Notifications if messaged/nudged while offline
Indicator when somebody else is typing
Message Delivery Status & Read Receipts
Message History

3 per day

3 per day
Manage Your Contacts
Import multiple contacts from your phone's address book
Sync your entire address book
Invite users via free SMS
Save favourite groups
Block contacts
Share Multimedia
Share photos
Share your location with your friends
Share Content (messages, links, etc.) with a friend or group of friends

receive only

receive only

supported phones

supported phones
Customise Your ZiNG
Status messages
Profile pictures
Stunning ZiNG emoticons
AmaZiNG Things
Zones - Open your world (What are zones?)
Notification of new stories in your zones
You will be able to follow the link we send to your phone to download ZiNG for free.