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So, what is ZiNG you ask?
ZiNG is an ultra-low cost Mobile Instant Messenger. It covers a huge range of phones, and has some awesome stuff built in that no other messaging solutions do.

Hover your mouse over the sign boards below to learn just how amazing ZiNG really is!
ZiNG is completely free - but even better than that, in the ZiNGdom you can earn points by doing different things. Those points have a real value and you can spend them on all sorts of AmaZiNG Things like airtime (in some countries), premium news, amazing content and much more!
The hottest new thing in mobile! Zones are amazing information channels that deliver the news and information you want directly to you. Browse the Zones, subscribe to the ones you are interested in, and the news will come to you! Keep checking back, because cool new Zones will be constantly arriving.
With location services, you will be able to let someone else know exactly where you are. If your friends need to find you because that’s where the party is at, just send them your location and they instantly get a map! If your phone supports it, you can navigate directly to them!
We have worked very hard at ZiNG HQ to make sure ZiNG works on as many phones as possible. We believe in freedom of speech for all, so whether you have a Smartphone or an older feature phone there is a good chance ZiNG will work on it.
Chatting to a group of friends is one of the most fun things to do in life. ZiNG lets you chat to groups of up to 25 friends – and you can make a group up as you go, or save favourite groups for those you need to talk to more often.
If your phone supports photo sending, you can send an exciting picture to one or many of your friends. The clever guys at ZiNG HQ will squeeze your photo so that it is the perfect size when it is delivered. This means you use the least amount of data possible, making photo sending cheap and available to all.
You will be able to follow the link we send to your phone to download ZiNG for free.