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What is a Zone?
A Zone is an information channel for your phone. Browse the Zones, and choose what kind of information you want by subscribing to that Zone, and all the updates from that Zone will automatically be delivered to your phone. Zones will appeal to two groups of people. Either you could be a Zone reader, or a Zone Creator, which could also be considered to be a Zone publisher or owner.
Zones for my life
If you are interested in the world you live in, Zones are for you. ZiNG will launch with a wide variety of Zones to start off with, but this is only the beginning. The Zones have been designed for expansion – new Zones will constantly be appearing so check back often.

We have thought very deeply about what is important to people, and sharing stories with good friends is one of the most important things we do as human beings. Stories can be shared with one or many friends in just a couple of steps.

Start a conversation with your friends by sharing something amazing. Of course, Zone content is delivered by the ZiNG platform and so efficiency is the order of the day. You will not find a more cost effective way of getting news sent to your phone.

Zones for my life
We have launched with some examples of what is possible in a Zone, but the real Zone power will undoubtedly come from you, the community. Soon a self-service portal will arrive which will allow you to leverage the power of the ZiNG ecosystem. You will be able to get in touch with the largest audience possible (the mobile audience), and find incredibly creative ways to leverage these powerful features:

For publishers that engage with huge audiences, partner models can be discussed. Contact details will be made available when the self-service portal goes live. Self-service will be available shortly. Watch this space.

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